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    Wholesale Indoor Plants

    ​We are direct from the nursery, reasonable prices, welcome to order

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    Product Application

    ​​Plant Fun is a China based nursery which started in 2015.

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    Quick Transportation

    We thrive of creating unique designs keeping individual needs, budgets, current trends and taste in mind.

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    Production Equipment

    This and our in-house green thumb set us apart from similar local businesses.

About Plant Fun

Plant Fun is a nursery based in China that started in 2015. Our love of nature, especially plants, has inspired us to create beautiful living art. We have always been dedicated to the cultivation and sale of tropical plants and you can find any houseplant you want in our nursery. We are equipped with factory nursery technology, the main advantages of which are reflected in the high survival rate of young plants, high yields and short growth cycles. Since 2015, we have exported our plants to over 50 countries and we also have extensive experience in shipping plants to ensure you receive 100% healthy plants, so feel free to contact us about any wholesale indoor plants and we will serve you first!

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At Plant Fun, You Get More!

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    Here you can ask any question about indoor plants and our experts will give you a satisfactory answer, feel free to write us an email with your valuable comments.

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    Nursery Direct

    We ship directly from the nursery to your doorstep to uphold the quality you deserve. Let our professional growers build the roots & put in the work that sets your garden up for success!

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    Explore the plants

    We are constantly exploring nursery management techniques and nursery techniques in our quest to cultivate the best varieties, and with us, we can even pass on our experience to you as a way to improve your business!

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Guangdong nursery

Shandong nursery

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Guangdong Nursery was established in May 1957 and is located on Baiyun Avenue with very convenient transportation, and is a large state-owned garden flower and seedling production base in Guangzhou. The total area of the nursery is more than 400 mu, including four sub-farms in Guangyuan Road, Dongping, Jianping Road and Chentian, as well as an alpine flower base in Guangzhou located in Dalingshan Forestry in Conghua City. We have a relatively strong technical force, with 85 employees and over 60% of the total number of scientific and technical staff; including 6 engineers, 20 people with junior technical titles, and 9 high and middle level flower workers. Our nursery mainly grows all kinds of potted flowers, shady foliage plants and many kinds of grasses, producing more than 3 million pots of various high, medium and low grade flowers and more than 30,000 plants (pots) of various shrubs and trees annually. Our flower production occupies an important position in the flower market. The main potted flower species include aglaonema spp, Ficus, Calathea, Philodendron, Alocasia, Anthurium, Begonia, etc. We also produce various types of seasonal flowers. We also produce orchids and shade plant seedlings, which we have exported to more than 30 countries and are widely appreciated by our customers!

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Many studies have revealed that being around plants not only improves your health by producing oxygen and purifying air but it also improves concentration, productivity and increases memory retention up to 20%. We understand that the fast paced lifestyle may be of a hindrance for you to enjoy the benefits of the nature hence we bring nature to you through our creative live art.

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Product Category

  • Aglaonema

    PlantsFarm grows a wide variety of aglaonema. Our main popular varieties are Aglaonema Suksom Jaipong, Aglaonema Super Red, Aglaonema Dong Fang Red, Aglaonema Hong Yan, Aglaonema Red Aspicious etc. Aglaonema is the best selling indoor Aglaonema is one of the best-selling indoor ornamentals for its effectiveness in purifying indoor air of suspended particles, and its leaves are so colourful and variegated that foliage producers in Florida, USA, have named it one of the top three potential foliage plants in the USA as a high economic crop.

  • Calathea

    The main popular varieties of Calathea are Calathea Network, Calathea Julia, Calathea Flame Star, Calathea Fusion White, Calathea Fasciata Borrusica, etc. There are many different varieties of Calathea. There are many different varieties of Calathea, some of which can only be used as foliage plants, while others can produce flowers, and more importantly, very beautiful flowers. If you want more ornamental foliage, don't choose a flowering bamboo taro, as the leaves usually don't look very good when they are flowering. If you choose a foliage bamboo taro, the leaves will naturally grow beautifully and be particularly hardy, so think carefully before you choose.

  • Ficus

    The main popular species of Ficus rubber tree are Ficus Elastica Shivereana, Ficus Elastica Burgundy, Ficus Altissima Yellow Gem, Ficus Elastica Ruby, Ficus Elastica Tineke Ficus Elastica Melany, etc. The leaves of the rubber tree are thick and beautiful, with broad, beautiful and glossy leaves, red terminal buds resembling ambrosia and lobed leaves resembling red tassels hanging upside down, making it a large, shade-tolerant foliage plant. The rubber tree is a very good decorative material, whether it is placed in a hallway or in a hotel lobby, and it grows vigorously without requiring much care. In addition, the rubber tree is also a symbol of prosperity, wealth and good fortune, and is often used as a flower in business ceremonies and rituals.

  • Philodendron

    The main popular species of Philodendron are Heartleaf Philodendron, Blushing Philodendron, Black Gold Philodendron, Heartleaf Philodendron, Philodendron Hederaceum and many more. Philodendron has a good ornamental value and is a flowering flower with a good meaning. The Philodendron is a warm welcome to those who arrive, signifying a more enthusiastic emotion, full of vitality and energy.


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